Meaning of Caring from Critical Care Nurses Perspective: A Phenomenological Study

Background: Caring has been known as the inner core and the essence of nursing profession. It seems that critical condition of patients and presence of various and complex technological equipments in critical care units gives different meaning to caring and its priorities.   Aim: The present study was aimed at explaining lived experiences of critical care nurses from caring in a technological environment. Method: In a hermeneutic phenomenological design, data was gathered using semi structured in-depth interviews which were conducted with 12 intensive care nurses working in the critical care units of hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences. Interview texts transcribed and analysed using modified version of Dickelmanns’ method.  Findings: Analysis of interviews revealed 4 relational themes: 1) technological environment as a web of paradoxes 2) vigilance in the challenging context: management of caring in a technological environment 3) behind the wires: management of communication in a technological environment; and 4) toward culmination: promoting the quality of technological care. The constitutional pattern which relate the relational themes was interpreted as “flying intelligently, with the wings of science and art, over the foggy sky” which was representative of the lived experiences of critical care nurses of caring in technological environment. Conclusion: Caring in an intensive environment is a holistic process which needs nurses’ vigilance regarding all aspects of patients’ needs and striving to meet them, while at the same time, being competent and expert in working with advanced technical tools.


Behnaz Bagherian, Sakineh Sabzevari, Tayebeh Mirzaei, Ali Ravary

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